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How I Do it
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You have a dog named Braveheart and you think that
a painting of your sweet guy would look great on the wall.
You heard about this Cincinnati artist that specializes in creating pet art.
So you call me
or email
I ask you some questions about Braveheart.
How big is Braveheart?
What is his breed?
Do you go to the dog Park?
These types of questions will give me a sense of what
Braveheart looks like and determine what size canvas can be used.

I would like to meet you and Braveheart if possible.
If you have a favorite walk or if you go to a dog park
I can meet you there. This way I can see Braveheart move
and get a sense of his personality. Animals have unique qualities
that set them apart from other animals that look just like them.

I take pictures. You provide me with pictures.
I start to see an image in my mind of Braveheart.
Once I discover the essence of Braveheart,
I use Photoshop to create a layout using pieces of the photos I have collected.

After the prep work is finished, I begin painting
Braveheart using a bold complimentary colored background.

When the painting tells me to stop, I sign my name.
I scan the painting into Photoshop.
I create 4.25” x 5.5” Note Cards with the painting image on the front,
Braveheart’s name on the back, leave the inside blank, and add an envelope.

I call you to arrange delivery of your unique painting of Braveheart
and 6 of the Note Cards with Braveheart’s painting on the front.

You love it.

Frankie's Prep

An Example of the preparation process I will walk you through Frankie' prep.

I saw Frankie at the Dog Park 3 or 4 times a week so
I already had an idea of how I wanted her painting to appear.
Searching through Facebook, I found this image.
Frankie Start 

I loved the stance as it was so Frankie but the image was incomplete.
So I made these changes.
Frankie Modified 

The final painting looks like this.

Double Dog Prep - Cigger and Miss Bella

These were the best pictures that I found to start with.
Cigger Start 1
Cigger Start 2
Bella Start

I took pieces of each pictures and created this composition.

Cigger and Bella Prep


The finished painting

Cigger and Miss Bella