Fox in the Yard

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Unique Pet Paintings

From the first consulation, I will:

Use everything that I can to get a sense of your unique and special friend,
Design a computer image of your pet to use as a guide,
Work on the canvas to create that something special,
Scan the painting,
Create 4.25" x 5.5" Note Cards,
Deliver the Painting and 6 Note Cards to you, and then

Hear you say - Yes, That is my pet!

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Standing at the kitchen window,
I saw a Fox in the Yard,
First there was the one,
and then came another and another.
A mother and two babies
slipping into and out of,

My yard, my view, my world.
But for a moment I saw and I knew,
I am never really alone, the angels are everywhere.
Folk Artist and Publisher
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